I have spent all of my childhood dreaming about having a family of my own.  Once my daughter was born, I wanted to document every moment as she grew so quickly before my eyes.  From her first smile to her first step, I wanted it all recorded so I could look back on that moment forever.   Having always loved the art of photography, it was at this time that I became dedicated to learning the craft and eventually the business.  In 2008 I began building my client base from a small group of friends who let me endlessly take photos of their families, and eventually growing by word of mouth.  Having connections with my clients is key along with making sure you are comfortable in front of the camera.

Aside from photography, I am obsessed with music. I’m an 80s geek.  I could eat sushi every night of the week.  I love the gym but cannot find the groove to be a runner.  I am an only child who still wishes for a sibling.  This is why I have three children - my boys are twins!  My husband is the smartest guy I know.  He is also the most generous.  Without him, I wouldn’t be living out this dream.