The P Family – {Heather Milano – Churchville, PA Family Photographer}

These are for sure some familiar faces going back for several years of my photographer gig.  Mom and I go back to high school (155!), but somewhere after Facebook land was born, we reunited and I’ve had the pleasure to not just document her fab family as they grew, but developed a friendship on top of it.  She’s admirable not just for being a cool person, but she’s a front line worker who has been nursing it up around the clock since the start of the pandemic.  She’s a meme queen and she’s someone you can talk to unbiased and just being straight up real.  She also has volunteered her very sacred time as a school nurse, where my kids learned to know her as Nurse Nina.  She’s one of my biggest supporters and for that, I am so grateful to her family!

Here are some faves from her recent family session!